Simplist Icon: Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola breaks all the rules of the red carpet. She prefers flats to stilettos, and wears virtually no jewellery. She mainly opts for simple clothes in muted colours that conceal far more than they reveal. Her hair falls in casual waves, while her face bears only a trace of nude makeup. Nonetheless, the director is one of the best-dressed women in Hollywood. Coppola succeeds in making discreet understatement look glamorous. Her outfits have an aura of effortless chic, her look comes across as modest, up-to-date and unobtrusively feminine. Although she is blessed with an enormous sense of style, one might even think that she was not particularly interested in fashion at all.

Yet it is not by chance that the Italian-American is an icon of style. As an eleven year-old in high school, she was already wearing Chanel. Three years later, she was Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant in Paris. At eighteen, she was a cover girl for Vogue. Later, she founded the fashion label Milk Fed, which is produced and distributed in Japan. Most Recently, Coppola decided to become a film director, telling stories unique in their consistent production values and strong sense of visual detail. Mo, the style is anything but accidental.

Coppola is not only equally familiar with the demands of Hollywood and the fashion business, she is so from birth. And perhaps her handling of them is a bit more relaxed than others because of it. She enjoys fashion, but won’t be tyrannized by it. Her unconventionally attractive, self-confident elegance is inspiring – even for fashion designers. Coppola’s favourite designer Marc Jacobs declared her his muse without hesitation. And indeed went a step further. “If i were a girl, Sofia’s the one i’d like to be.” Sometimes it’s worth bending a few rules.

Piece originally written by: Simone Werle in “Fashionista a Century of Style Icons”

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Swooning Over Daniel Wellington Watches

Watches are perfect accessories for all occasions. They literally can be just as stylish as a pandora bracelet if you know where to look…

I’m sure you have all heard of Daniel Wellington, the brand that brought us the minimalistic yet chic watches pictured above. I’m currently swooning over their simplistic look and timeless (pun intended) design. The prices may be at a premium but even I can’t complain because of their equally high quality. My favourites are the ones made with the leather straps and the gold detailing.

Are you a Daniel Wellington fan? If not which brand is your favourite?

– S.Muse

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