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J. Crew Fall 2015

Nothing makes me happier than J.Crew’s vision for Fall 2015!

Firstly, the clean crisp cuts, fresh pleats, embroidery and subtle detail on each piece is perfection. I love how each look has the simplicity of a Gap outfit and the chic element of an Upper-East sider. I love how you can wear these outfits to a regular function and still look like the most fashionable human being to have ever walked through those doors. I love, i love, i love….

Secondly, those colours!!!  J.Crew added the basic neutrals, like the full grey ensemble or the nude wool coat. However, if you look closely (detail is key here) you can see light purple heals, gold detailing, electric blue tassels and if that’s not enough sequins that gets you in a party mood for days!

And lastly, having pieces like these in your closet only means that you can mix and match them with multiple other pieces in the future. This collection is by far one of the most wearable and functional that I’ve seen. It is perfection in my books and very inspiring. I definitly will be taking a few ideas from this collection this fall, how about you?

– S.Muse

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Fall During the Spring!

I use spring as an excuse to dress like it’s fall again, except I try to add in a few spring like pieces, like floral prints and brighter colours. Even then, I mostly just re-wear my favourite outfits from the fall because I love the season that much!

Above are a few outfits for inspirational purposes…are you also guilty of wearing fall clothing during the spring?

– S.Muse

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just like Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia’s Fall RTW15 collection is my current go to guide for inspiration. The collection apparently was inspired by the late “60s and early 70s boho/rocker style”(1), but when I initially saw these pieces from the runway I automatically thought of royalty. The prints do have a 60s-70s vibe to it, that i agree on, but some of the cuts are so clean and elegant that in my mind it screamed “chic” and “upper class”! I guess that’s the beauty of fashion right? Just like an artist, the designer has a vision and brings it to reality but it doesn’t necessarily mean that spectators are going to view it in the same light. Perceptions are going to differ, and what one person sees in a collection, such as the 70s glam theme, another person won’t see…and that’s okay because that’s art.
The Look that I put together below, is a very simple outfit inspired by bits and pieces from the collection. You have the baroque print in the jacket and matching trousers for that clean, elegant look. I also paired it with a fun clutch and black turtleneck shirt that reflects the 60s/70s theme. Lastly, you can pair this outfit with ankle boots during the fall or on those warmer days a simple black heel. Either pairing will give this outfit a polished look.
Now it’s your turn, where would you wear an outfit like this too?
Alice and Olivia Inspired Look
– S.Muse
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Style Stalker #5

I’m totally in love with this new trend! When I was a kid a poncho wasn’t the most trendy and fashionable clothing item you could own. However now it is a chic AND comfortable piece that can be worn during the colder seasons.

I recently bought the grey one from the Toms for Target line and let me tell you it’s a steal for the price that it’s selling for! It’s super comfortable and perfect for university students who wants to be fashionable and comfy at the same time. I have to say, the best part about this poncho and the entire Toms for Target line is that for every item you buy Toms donates a weeks meal or a blanket or shoes for those in need! I don’t know about you but that definitely justifies an impulsive purchase in my books!

Sorry for not posting lately! As you know I’ve been struggling with midterm season. I’m making it a goal to post as often as possible so bare with me my fellow readers 🙂

– S.Muse

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