just like Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia’s Fall RTW15 collection is my current go to guide for inspiration. The collection apparently was inspired by the late “60s and early 70s boho/rocker style”(1), but when I initially saw these pieces from the runway I automatically thought of royalty. The prints do have a 60s-70s vibe to it, that i agree on, but some of the cuts are so clean and elegant that in my mind it screamed “chic” and “upper class”! I guess that’s the beauty of fashion right? Just like an artist, the designer has a vision and brings it to reality but it doesn’t necessarily mean that spectators are going to view it in the same light. Perceptions are going to differ, and what one person sees in a collection, such as the 70s glam theme, another person won’t see…and that’s okay because that’s art.
The Look that I put together below, is a very simple outfit inspired by bits and pieces from the collection. You have the baroque print in the jacket and matching trousers for that clean, elegant look. I also paired it with a fun clutch and black turtleneck shirt that reflects the 60s/70s theme. Lastly, you can pair this outfit with ankle boots during the fall or on those warmer days a simple black heel. Either pairing will give this outfit a polished look.
Now it’s your turn, where would you wear an outfit like this too?
Alice and Olivia Inspired Look
– S.Muse
Photos: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 
Source: 1. 

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