Style Stalker #5

I’m totally in love with this new trend! When I was a kid a poncho wasn’t the most trendy and fashionable clothing item you could own. However now it is a chic AND comfortable piece that can be worn during the colder seasons.

I recently bought the grey one from the Toms for Target line and let me tell you it’s a steal for the price that it’s selling for! It’s super comfortable and perfect for university students who wants to be fashionable and comfy at the same time. I have to say, the best part about this poncho and the entire Toms for Target line is that for every item you buy Toms donates a weeks meal or a blanket or shoes for those in need! I don’t know about you but that definitely justifies an impulsive purchase in my books!

Sorry for not posting lately! As you know I’ve been struggling with midterm season. I’m making it a goal to post as often as possible so bare with me my fellow readers 🙂

– S.Muse

Photo sources: 1. 2. 3.


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