Staying Grounded

To all my tall female readers out there or even that girl who just loves walking in comfortable shoes, this post is for you!

Just yesterday I had a really important interview for an internship I applied for, and oddly enough one of my dilemmas included what shoes I was going to wear. The dress code was business professional and that usually means high heels for the ladies, right? However, I’m 5.10″ maybe an inch taller and anyone who knows me knows that comfort takes precedence over any fashion trend in my life. So I decided to be bold, stay grounded and wear a pair of basic black flats to this interview. While every other female candidate walked around with feet screaming “help me” mine were perfectly comfortable without compromising who I am. I have to admit, heels do give an outfit a more polished look especially at a corporate office, but I did my research and found some perfectly stylish flats that can make your outfit look just as great!

Happy Sunday,


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